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RITUAL LIGTHNING . Bath Salts . Cleanse . Release . Clear .

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The idea for these bath salts came as I was watching a lightning storm roll up the valley. I thought of the build up and heaviness before a storm and then the energy and release when the lightning hits. It's electric and can move so much.

And, of course, what would lightning smell like before it hit the earth?

When I woke up the next day these bath salts were ready to be created. They are made to shift up a stagnant mood or shake off a bad day. Bathe on the new moon and release what is no longer serving you as you make way for new growth and ideas.

Sink into the tub and when you're done watch what you no longer need drain away with the water.

Place a handful of bath salts into the tub just before getting in and stir it up. The coconut charcoal will not stain your tub, just wipe it off with a cloth when you're done.

Listing is for a 350 gram bag.

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I love a good thunder and lightning storm. The energy in the air, the rumble underfoot and the smells that are generated. A nice hot soak with Ritual Lightning after a hard day at work captures that magic. As always, Jess pulls off 5 stars!!!