Jess smelling lichen on a sunny beach 


Even as a child I insisted on smelling everything I saw before believing if it was good or not.  I remember it driving my Mom crazy!  That natural curiosity lead me to aromatherapy training in 1996 - 97, turning into a body care line for 8 years.  Perfumery has always been a passion and these last few years it has been back at the fore front of my life. 


Ritual Aromatics was born of a love of scent and the journey it takes us on. As a child this fascinated me, the scents I noticed, but others did not. It's the gentle unfolding of raw materials and the appreciation of the whole plant, resin, wood and spice, not only the essential oil.

Ritual Aromatics is slow perfumery. Handmade, small batch art to captivate and transport. Inspired by tradition and timeless secrets mixed with modern magic.


We are in a unique time where our circles are small and our houses have become our havens. There is a need to transform ordinary everyday spaces into places that inspire or create a place of focused awareness. Scent can provide this. Whether it’s lighting the same incense every time you sit down at your desk creating the ritual of focused attention or wearing a perfume that takes you on a journey to a cherished memory or a favourite place of travel. We are needing to find simple ways to treat and nurture ourselves. Scent is medicine for the soul.