Ritual Aromatics

MORGANA . Botanical Perfume . Smoky . Mysterious . Sensual . Vetiver . Benzoin . Black Cardamom .

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dark . sweet . smoke

a priestess of the night
sensual magic
a temptress
weaver of mystery
and dreams
keeper of earth’s secrets

Out of the smoke steps the sweetness of benzoin with the spice of black cardamom peeking through the shadows. Vetiver brings the mysteries of the earth, dark and deep, that linger and entice until dawn.

. ☽ ☽ ☽ .

Ritual Aromatics natural botanical perfumes are based on the journey scent takes us on. Long term tinctures allow for the gentle unfolding of raw materials and the appreciation of the whole plant, resin, wood and spice, not only the essential oil.

It’s slow perfumery. It’s the way the scent unfolds on your skin, holding close to your body, whispering to those who come near.

Handmade, small batch art to captivate and transport. Inspired by tradition and timeless secrets mixed with modern magic.

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