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LOVERS ROCK . Japanese Style Incense . Limited Edition . Deep . Sexy . Spicy

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Lovers Rock

deep . sexy . spicy


a deep dive

into sensual song

rich and feral

untamed velvet

and lavish leather

somatic hedonism



Lovers Rock is a homage to Sade and all the rich textures and emotions her album of the same name has conjured for me over the years.  This incense is started in early October and needs time for the scents to unfold and marry.  And it's only made while listening to Lovers Rock!  Available from January 16th - mid March.


Made with sandalwood, labdanum, ambrette seed, patchouli leaf, benzoin, styrax bark, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves.


11 delicate sticks with a 20 minute burn time. Stand a stick in a small bowl of sand or a plant pot and enjoy.

. ☽ ☽ ☽ .

Ritual Aromatics natural incense sticks are inspired by the Japanese art of incense making. Incense should add to your environment with subtle wisps of smoke and a gentle curated scent. It shouldn’t overwhelm your space or psyche. There is beauty in simplicity.

We use only woods, resins and plants that are ethically sourced or mindfully wildcrafted. Made with the minimum amount of plant based binder for optimal burning times.

Vegan, Small Batch, Handmade, Artisan Incense.

They do not include anything synthetic, fillers, a bamboo stick, charcoal or even essential oils.



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Pure Magic!

If you haven't tried the exquisite and highest of quality incense that Ritual Aromatics has to offer, then you owe it to yourself to do so. Each one is special in their own unique way and will take your mind and spirit places if you let them. Lovers Rock is no exception! A seductive whisper awaits you.