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HEARTSTRINGS Bath Salts . Deepest of Feelings .

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Made to encompass the feelings of love and the colour blue. There is no sadness in this blend, but the feeling of sinking into yourself and finding everything you need.

Sea salt, epsom salt and himalayan salt mixed with ground rose petals, butterfly pea flowers and spirulina to turn your bath into a turquoise oasis. Scented with geranium, davana, blue tansy, balsam fir and a touch of patchouli. Floral without being coy, grounded and slightly green.

Place a handful of bath salts into the tub just before getting in and stir it up. The butterfly pea flowers and spirulina will not stain your tub, just wipe it off with a cloth when you're done.

Listing is for a 350 gram bag.