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Shinrin-Yoku, is a Japanese term which translates to “forest bathing” or “absorbing the forest atmosphere.”

Step into the bath and imagine you’re walking through a forest…as you enter you can still feel the sun on your skin and the colours are bright green and fresh. The moss is becoming softer under your feet and the sun is dappled.

You notice the air has a bit of a spicy and herbal note mixed in with the bright scent of the needles. The further you walk, the more you notice the feel of the air on your skin and the sense of reverence in the silence. You are nearing the heart of the forest and the scents are earthy, rich and inviting. Stop here for a moment, feel your breath and allow time to slow.

Spending time around trees has been proven to reduce stress, improve moods, lower pulse rates and blood pressure, increase concentration and creativity, boost our immune systems, and even help us to sleep better.

Place a handful of bath salts into the tub just before getting in and stir it up.

This listing is for a 350 gram bag.

Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Campos
Bath time Love

The scent is AMAZING and it leaves my skin so soft. It is such a treat to use these bath salts. Love them.

Comforting and sensual!

This is my favourite addition to my bath time routine! It truly fills me up with such delight that I can relax and unwind on a whole other level!