Ritual Aromatics

DESERT WINDS . Botanical Perfume . Amber . Sandalwood . Vanilla . Black Frankincense . Patchouli .

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a warm and spicy desert wind

a colourful caravan
lively music
and a spot away from it all
quiet meditation
dry sand
warm sun
a gentle breeze


Enveloped in warm amber sunshine while smooth and spicy incense notes croon.  Rich sandalwood unfurls with murmurs of patchouli.

5 ml bottle.


. ☽ ☽ ☽ .

Ritual Aromatics natural botanical perfumes are based on the journey scent takes us on. Long term tinctures allow for the gentle unfolding of raw materials and the appreciation of the whole plant, resin, wood and spice, not only the essential oil.

It’s slow perfumery. It’s the way the scent unfolds on your skin, holding close to your body, whispering to those who come near.

Handmade, small batch art to captivate and transport. Inspired by tradition and timeless secrets mixed with modern magic.

Customer Reviews

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I purchased Desert Winds at a market in Slocan in summertime. It will always transport me to that time and place. I save this perfume for special occasions or after stressful days, at bedtime. Warm, spice, patchouli, dreamy and lingering. I would love to bathe myself in this scent, yet one drop is all you need. Beautiful.