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1 ml samples of all four botanical perfumes made with 100% natural essential oils, absolutes and handmade long term tinctures.

a floral forest

in floral forests
youthful secrets
unveil the layering
of the mystic’s

Top notes of fresh ginger mix with the exotic citrus spice of black frankincense. Jasmine and rose dance, seducing the heat of cloves and whispering forgotten melodies to the heart of sandalwood. As the time unfolds the deeper tones of oakmoss, vetiver and labdanum unveil their earthy mysteries.

a verdant gem

dappled sun
a mossy rock
spring stream
in a field of green
off in the distance
a stag is watching
power and grace

This journey begins with the freshness of lime and basil leading to the dryer spice of curcuma and coriander. Shades of green and yellow held in a fresh copal tincture evolve into the slow dry down of oakmoss and vetiver.

bright, citrus, heat

this is summer
the sun is bright
hearts are open
the world is lit up
and you know
as the day cools
the night brings
it’s own

Red mandarin brings the sun, bright and zesty, calling out to the sweetness of the floral heart. Neroli unfolds into the seductive ylang ylang while tobacco gets ready to take the stage, narcotic and rich.

dark, sweet, smoke

a priestess of the night
sensual magic
a temptress
weaver of mystery
and dreams
keeper of earth’s secrets

Out of the smoke steps the sweetness of benzoin with the spice of black cardamom peeking through the shadows. Vetiver brings the mysteries of the earth, dark and deep, that linger and entice until dawn.

Customer Reviews

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Aerin R.
A great starter kit!

Seeing as I'm finally reaching the bottom of these, probably time to review! I really loved these. A great way to introduce yourself to the different scents.
Note: I am in no way a seasoned reviewer, I was just very happy with the variety of these natural-based perfumes. I found them to be fairly gender-neutral, too!

Asraia: Think Lord of Misrule by Lush but less intense and less spicy. It's a warm, sensual smell that I get SO excited to put on for date night. Ran out of this one first. It's still pretty gender-neutral with a more femme/floral scent.

Joie: Love Joie!! I wear this with my desert cactus shirt, that fresh smell reminds me of sweetgrass. A perfect outdoorsy scent. A bright, gender-neutral scent.

Morgana: Tbh, I'm not the biggest fan of this one. It leaves very little impact, which may be perfect for some folks. I think it's a bit too sweet for me to think "smoky" on first impression. Gender-neutral on the femme side.

Garnet: This comes off like a more earthy/masculine version of Asraia to me. Very understated, which I think works really well for casual daily wear.

My only note for overall improvement is that the packaging could use some elevation -- the website photos and scents really sell you on the product itself, but the label stickers and package look pretty cheap in-person (a symptom of a growing small business, I know). Stiffer cardboard / stickers with a better finish would do wonders for the finished product.

Much love!

The snack pack of PERFUME!

I loved the sample pack. I enjoyed trying on all the different scents to see which ones suited me best. Morgana for winter, Joie for summer - ahhhhh.