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SANDHI . Ayurvedic Deodorant Powder .

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Made in the ancient yogic tradition of applying ground herbs and spices to the body, this ayurvedic blend releases it's scent as your body heats up offering a deeper focus to your practice and serenity through out the day. The synergistic quality of this herbal blend not only brings nourishment and strength to the lymphatic system; it cools and detoxifies while emphasizing immune system function and overall well being.

Take a pinch and apply it to your underarms. There are no fillers or oils, just the pure spices, herbs, woods and resins which work their magic as you go about your work. That is the secret, the hotter and sweatier you get the better you smell!

Scent is also the most potent of our senses for unlocking and triggering memory. When used in a yogic practice this scent will be linked in your mind with relaxation and peace, triggering these feelings anytime you heat up.

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